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There are different types of Poli made across India. One of the easiest Poli to prepare is the TIL POLI (White Yellu Poli).



Ingredients (Servings – 4 People) Sesame Seeds (White) - ½ Cup Peanut - ½ Cup Jaggery - 1 Cup (Grated) Cardamom Powder - Little (Optional) Wheat Flour - 1 Cup Water - As required for the dough Oil - 2 tablespoon Salt - A pinch for taste



  • ·       Dry roast the Peanut and keep it aside.
  • ·       Dry roast the white Sesame Seeds until it turns to golden colour.
  • ·       Put the roasted Peanut, roasted Sesame Seeds and Grated Jaggery in a Mixer and make a fine Paste. This will be the Pooran/Stuffing for the Poli.
  • ·       Mix whole wheat flour with water and little salt and prepare the dough just like how you would prepare for making Chapati. Leave the dough for about 60-90 minutes.
  • ·       Take a small portion of Wheat dough and roll out to the size of Puri.  Now take an even smaller portion of the Pooran (stuffing) and stuff it in the Puri sized roll that you made.
  • ·       Close all the sides and roll out the stuffed dough gently.  You need to dip it in dry Wheat Flour to bring out the correct circular shape.
  • ·       Take a fry pan and once it heats up, put the rolled out Poli in the Pan and apply Oil.  The cooking process is just like how you would prepare Chapati / Other Polis.  Let it cook for few mts, until the Poli is cooked and you see the golden spots in the Poli. You can turn sides to get an even cooking.

 Your Til Poli is ready.  This poli will not get spoiled so soon.  It will last for few weeks if refrigerated well.

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